Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time for a Hair Change

I'm tired of my current grown out hair style and need a new edgy look
I'm thinking of something like the below pictures, what do you think??

Monday, January 16, 2012


The link on itunes for the new Wes Anderson movie is up!!! Everyone needs to check it out!

Opens May 25th...I will be the 1st in line to see!!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

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Tonight's Obsession

Dress by: Atelier Versace


The New American Wing @ The MET

Today I was able to catch the last day of the Member's preview of the New American Wing-Paintings.  The new gallery spaces were packed with members.  The galleries are spacious and are curated chronologically.  The works span from the founding of the country to the American Impressionists. The curator's also included American decorative arts.

There are many must see paintings in this new gallery, but there is only one that can rival all the others.  The piece de resistance is "Washington Crossing the Delaware" by Leutze.  The massive size of the canvas  and the magnificent custom gold leaf frame makes one to sit in front of this painting and just gawk.  The painting and the new gallery stirs up a specific sentiment of americana and a love for one's country.

I was happy to see the MET put more John Singer Sargent and Mary Cassat on view.  The American impressionists are well represented, but wished they devoted more space to them.  The gallery is a tad heavy on the American history, but is balanced out with the American landscapes from the Hudson River School and Remmington's West.

I highly recommend this gallery to art lovers. This is one of the best galleries the MET has opened in a long while.  It is your patriotic duty to check out this new gallery.


Daimen Hirst

Yesterday I went to the W 21st Gagosian gallery to check out the Daimen Hirst Spot painting show.

It was a perfect day to go see this show.  Overcast, chilly, grey day made the colored spots brighten anyones day.

The setup of the gallery was perfect for viewing this type of artwork. A huge open space to look at the canvases from all possible angles.  Well now let's talk about the art work hanging on those walls.

Is there really much to say about these paintings?? The canvases have dots painted in a grid formation in many different colors.  This is an exercise in color theory and possible optics.  Other than that there is not much thought or artistic merit to these paintings.

I'm a huge Daimen Hirst fan, but this is just a move in extending the Daimen Hirst brand.  Having a 160 assistants create your art sounds more like a factory then a creative environment.  Not sure I can really consider this art.


An Enlightened Moment

I know it's been awhile since I last posted, but I needed to take the time away to reflect and reconfigure myself and what I want to blog about.

As I was walking back from the Daimen Hirst show at the Gagosian galleries I had a realization.  I find NYC boring and the city does not have much to offer anymore.  It's not the city I fell in love with.  It has become like any other American city.  It's over commercialized and mainly a corporate shell of it's former self.

I'm writing to you my readers and friends to help me find what makes NYC a unique American city. Please write in suggestions and I'll try them and comment on my experience.

Otherwise I am ready to pack my bags and say Au revior to NYC and Bonjour to Paris!